Welcome to Very Vegetarian Cakes

Every important step in your life is marked by the cutting of a cake; from the birth of your baby, to the celebration of your first Lohri/Christening. From there onwards… a cake to mark every birthday that passes until the day that you find the love of your life and join together in cutting your wedding cake!

We are there with you, making every stage you celebrate beautiful and unique, with our bespoke, handcrafted personalized cakes. We want your event to be memorable and can create that cake which gives you that ‘Wow’ factor. The show-stopping masterpiece… Your Cake!

To say we love cake would be an understatement we adore cakes. From the plain elegant and simple to the crazy humorous and vibrant… For the love of cakes we do it al!

Why go for an alternative when you can have The Veggie Best!

Wedding Cakes

As soon as the wedding date is confirmed, we request couples to book up appointments so that they begin to go through all the options they can have and to build up an idea of what kind of cake they are looking for; Budget, colour themes, flavors, size of the venue, how many people they are catering for all come into play at this point.

Wedding cakes are always the main focal point for all the guests as they make their entrance into the main room. It may seem very daunting “What kind of cake shall I have?” But we will take you step by step, through the first stages of the cake that you have always dreamed of, to the reality of the masterpiece set up in front of you on your day.

Birthday Cakes

We cover all ranges of birthday cakes imaginable from the basic cream cakes to the personalized themed/designer cakes. When arranging a larger party or something a little special, we can sit down and create a cake that reflects the personality and character that you are, whether humorous or formal, sophisticated or colourful, we can do it!

Celebration Cakes

For that key moment in life, we can celebrate it with a cake.